Mission and Promise

This is our commitment to you.

You, who knows that movement is the best medicine for completing your patients' recovery


This is our commitment to you

At mDurance, we believe that measuring muscle activity is crucial for understanding your patients’ injuries and speeding up their recovery. Our mission is to assist you through an electromyograph that is easy to use, doesn’t require a significant learning curve, and can be acquired affordably, along with high-quality post-sales training.

This is our promise

You will have a step-by-step system to objectively assess and retrain your patients' neuromuscular function

A tool that will shift you from using exercises with vague and unmeasurable goals to exercises you know are effective.

So, from now on, you can use it to connect more with your patients and instantly show them that what you offer is exactly what they’re looking for.

We add value

What We Do at mDurance

At mDurance, we refuse to let professionals fall into the trap of assessing and treating all their patients in the same way.


Meet the Team

Ana Reyes


Antonio Mingorance


Víctor Muñoz

Lead Android Developer

Francisco Pleguezelos

Frontend Developer

In addition to our core team, we surround ourselves with the best advisors to ensure that our clients receive high-quality service.

Carlos de Teresa

Sports Doctor

Oresti Baños

Tech Advisor

José A. Moral


Víctor Soto

Biomechanical Scientist

We're Growing

mDurance Milestones


Santander YUZZ

Award for the most disruptive technology.


Phillip Morris

Innovation and digital transformation award.


Headstart - EIT Health

For development in international markets.


Neotec - CDTI

For the consolidation of technology companies in Spain.


SME Instrument

For the development of technology companies in the healthcare sector.



European Commission award for the development of innovative SMEs in the healthcare sector.

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