optimizador de ejer

Personalize your exercises to ensure effective and safe training

Ensures the appropriate muscles are generating the required force

Specific Benefits

To Exercise Optimizer

Smart exercises Adapt, measure, and improve the efficiency of each movement in real-time
Personalized training Ensures the appropriate muscle activation and maximizes each exercise
Increased adherence Interactive visualization increases patient engagement and motivation
Optimize movement Discover the perfect combination of load, resistance, and biomechanics for each patient

What Is the Exercise Optimizer?

The exercise optimizer is an advanced tool that facilitates the personalization, monitoring, and adjustment of exercise plans for patients or athletes.

This functionality uses real-time data to ensure that exercises are performed with the correct technique, the right intensity, and that specific muscles are being activated and strengthened effectively.

What Are the Most Common Applications?

This functionality is typically used for:

  • Customizing exercises to individual needs, abilities, and goals for each patient.
  • Providing instant feedback on muscle activation and exercise technique, allowing immediate adjustments for maximized effectiveness.
  • Selecting the load and resistance that the patient should move to achieve desired results.
  • Offering recommendations on body mechanics and movements to ensure the appropriate muscles are used and strengthened.
Exercise Optimizer

How the optimizer works

Check the activation level of each muscle. Verify if they have reached the minimum and necessary threshold of muscle strength to strengthen and generate adaptation.

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