tono basal

The assessment of muscle tone significantly depends on the experience and skill of the physiotherapist and leads to poor evaluations

Use muscle tone data to educate your patients about their own physiology and improve their pain

Specific benefits

of measuring baseline tone

Get precise assessments. Objective evaluations of the patient's muscle condition
Professional credibility The use of advanced technology and accurate methods will enhance your professional reputation
Develop new skills Expand your knowledge and skills in muscle assessment and treatment
Increased patient satisfaction Seeing tangible improvements in their health will increase their personal satisfaction

Basal tone

What Is Excess of Basal Tone and Where It Is Commonly Found?

tono basal
tono basal

Excess basal tone refers to excessive muscle tension at rest. It occurs when a muscle at rest is overly active when it shouldn’t be.

How Is Excess of Basal Tone Detected? Watch this video for all the information (YouTube video).

What Does It Mean If Your Patient Has Excess of Basal Tone?

This phenomenon may be associated with various functional impairments, including:

  • Chronic muscle pain.
  • Postural alterations.
  • Muscle contractures.
  • Muscle fatigue.
  • Mobility limitations.
  • Increased risk of injury or relapse.
tono basal

How to measure it with mDurance

Indicate in the app which muscles have excess tone and mDurance does the rest.

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