Behind mDurance

Validation of mDurance, A Wearable Surface Electromyography System for Muscle Activity Assessment

mDurance® is an innovative tool that combines surface electromyography, a mobile app, and cloud analysis to streamline and automate the assessment and reeducation of muscle activity.

Electromyography as a Technique

Rate of Publication of Articles Using Surface EMG

The rate of publication of surface EMG articles expresses the number of publications in international peer-reviewed journals. These articles and over 20 textbooks provide a vast body of knowledge covering technical issues and clinical applications in research labs. A search on PubMed (June 2020, keywords “surface electromyography” or sEMG) indicated over 5500 publications.


Science Behind Surface EMG Assessment

Surface electromyography can be highly useful for the initial assessment of muscle activity and during therapy or therapeutic processes. The degree of muscle activation, comparison with a healthy limb, observation of muscle coordination, or agonist/antagonist relationship can be altered in pathological situations and therapeutic situations aimed at restoring normality. Surface electromyography is a suitable technique to use in such cases.

Furthermore, it has been widely used to measure muscle activity signals, providing access to the electrophysiological processes that enable the muscle to generate force and produce movement.


Science Behind Rehabilitation

Surface electromyography allows the measurement of muscle electrical activity and the identification of any alterations, reeducating them in real-time. Therefore, it represents a promising tool for personalizing physiotherapy and training programs. Monitoring rehabilitation with electromyography can lead to quicker improvement in joint function.

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Technical Specifications

1024 Hz

10 hours of autonomy

Inertial Sensor

Cloud Storage

30 grams


Expert Opinion

What does science say about mDurance?

Muscle activity data were obtained using a validated surface electromyography system. This innovative system includes user-friendly software and lightweight hardware, making it more affordable and accessible for physiotherapists, podiatrists, and trainers.

Irene Fernandez

mDurance is a valid tool for measuring muscle activity during dynamic contractions at different speeds.

Antonio Meldalla

All therapeutic exercises were performed under the control of the mDurance® system, which made it possible for the therapist and the athlete to measure muscle activity and joint range of motion in real-time.

Manuel García


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