Facilitates interpretation and allows immediate adjustments to improve technique and posture

Specific Benefits

Benefits of using video feedback

Real-time feedback and video Provides instant visualizations of muscle activity during movement
Patient education Your patients increase their awareness and understanding of their condition and treatment
Improved adherence Interactive visualization increases patient engagement and motivation
Enhances communication Facilitates data sharing with other professionals on your team and with your patients

What Is Video Feedback?


Video Feedback is an interactive learning and assessment tool that allows professionals and patients to visualize and analyze movements and behaviors in real-time or recorded.

Integrated into a mobile application, Video Feedback offers the opportunity to record, playback, and analyze videos, allowing for a detailed evaluation of movements and postures. It synchronizes these videos with muscle activity data for a deeper analysis.

What Are the Most Common Applications?

This functionality is commonly used for:

  • Analyzing and improving techniques and postures during real-time exercises.
  • Visualizing recovery and training progress.
  • Teaching and learning specific skills and techniques.
  • Helping patients understand their own behaviors and actions.
  • Fostering communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Tailoring treatment to meet the patient’s needs.

How to use it with mDurance

As simple as activating your device's camera and start recording. Our app synchronizes video and muscle activity instantly in real-time.

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