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Specific Benefits

To detect asymmetries

Obtain precise assessments Of the patient's muscle condition
Enhanced prevention helps prevent injuries related to muscle asymmetries and improves body biomechanics
Performance optimization For athletes and active individuals, correcting asymmetries enhances their performance and movement efficiency
Increased patient satisfaction Seeing tangible health improvements will increase their personal satisfaction

What Is Muscle Asymmetry?

Muscle asymmetry occurs when the function between corresponding muscles on opposite sides of the body is greater than 20%.

These inequalities can result from various factors, including injuries, unbalanced movement patterns, incorrect posture, or an uneven distribution of load during physical activities.

What Does It Mean If Your Patient Has Muscle Asymmetry?

This phenomenon can be associated with various functional abnormalities, including:

  • Muscle atrophy associated with injuries.
  • Postural habits.
  • Repetitive activities that may overload one side of the body.
  • Natural development, being a common characteristic of the patient.
  • Pain associated with an imbalance in load distribution.
  • Differences in muscle size or strength.

How to measure symmetry with mDurance

Use the symmetry graph to determine your patient's muscle symmetry level from 0 to 100.

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