Offers personalized reports to introduce new services and address your patients' needs

A marketing tool that attracts patients interested in a data-driven approach to their care

Specific Benefits

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Patient Satisfaction Patients benefit from more personalized, data-based treatments, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty
Competitive Differentiation You move from merely measuring pain to setting yourself apart in an increasingly competitive market
Identify Trends Comparing tests helps identify changes in muscle activity and adapt treatment accordingly
Enhances Communication Facilitates data sharing with other professionals on your team and with your patients

What Is It? Add Call to Action for Use Cases?

This functionality is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment and detailed tracking of patients’ muscle activity, enabling improved personalized care.

  • PDF muscle activity reports provide a clear understanding of the patient’s current muscle condition and the necessary steps for improvement.
  • Clinical history helps maintain an organized record of the patient’s evolution over time, track progress, adjust treatments, and make informed, data-driven interventions.
  • Comparison of tests allows you to compare pre and post data to evaluate treatment effectiveness. You gain valuable data for adapting treatment plans to ensure they are as effective as possible.
  • Video gallery enables real-time visualization of muscle activity alongside patient movements, aiding in the identification of movement patterns and muscle activity to better retrain movement.

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