Discover all the uses of electromyography and decide if it's right for you.

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In this video call, you will learn the fundamentals and applications of electromyography

More benefits of booking an online demo

Discover Clinical Applications You'll see the step-by-step method for introducing mDurance into your work, from assessment to retraining
Learn to Interpret Electromyography You will learn the 5 keys to reading electromyography and turning it into an objective muscle analysis
Discover with Real Examples We will provide real examples from other customers to show you how they use electromyography
360° Tour of mDurance We'll show you every corner of the tool so you can see if it's simple, fast, and fits what you're looking for

How to Book a Demo and Calendar

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  1. Choose a date on the calendar and fill out the form.
  2. Receive a Zoom link where you will connect on the chosen date.
  3. See you in the online demo, where you’ll learn to interpret an EMG and decide if mDurance is right for you 😉

How mDurance Works

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Is the online demo live or a recording?

The online demo is live, which means a specialist will be available on the chosen date.

What if I don't attend an online demo?
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Is the demo free, or do I have to pay anything?
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Customer Reviews

“My patients think that mDurance is a tremendous breakthrough. Previously, I used to assess with a crystal ball, but now I act based on real data that I see in mDurance’s software. I have more confidence when applying therapy.”

Miguel Ángel Cano CEO of Sé Movimiento

“mDurance is super easy to use. The steps are completely clear, and the software leaves no room for error. It allows me to make assessments in a very short time.”

Laura Gómez President of AGAFIP

“For me, mDurance has three distinctive factors. The first is assessing and objectifying alterations that I couldn’t do before. The second is direct feedback work with the patient, and thirdly, it’s the detailed report for my patient comparing pre and post-sessions.”

Christian Fernández Osteopath Physiotherapist