Take care of your patients' muscular health with the mDurance Premium pack

Surface Electromyograph with post-sales training

The world’s first smart electromyograph that helps you make better decisions to improve your patients’ health.

Features of mDurance Premium:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long-lasting battery (10 hours)
  • Advanced measurement of muscle activity in 4 muscles
  • Range of motion (ROM) monitoring
  • Assessment and retraining test proposals
  • Synchronization with your smartphone or tablet video
  • Cloud platform: comprehensive reports, comparisons, history, etc.
  • Bar or line biofeedback
  • Guide to muscle synergies
  • Minimal charging time (3 hours)
  • 5 hours of post-sales training

What else is included with your mDurance equipment purchase?

Free national and international shipping

Bag of 100 electrodes

14 days of free returns

Two-year warranty

Enjoy a virtual campus with over 20 hours of clinical cases and more to come

What's included and what is post-sales training like?

In this training, you will:

  • Interpret electromyography graphs and turn them into specific objectives.
  • Design assessment protocols by joint.
  • Use biofeedback to retrain neuromuscular function.
  • Intelligently select the best exercises for your clients.


The training that has changed the way +600 professionals view how to assess and retrain muscle activity.

Become a professional in objective assessment and reeducation with a 100% practical training program.


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Purchase Steps

  1. Purchase mDurance

    You will receive a case with two sensors, accessories, and a bag of surface electrodes

  2. Receive 5 hours of free personalized training

    To maximize the performance of your new tool

  3. You begin to control muscle activity

    and make smarter decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many muscles can I evaluate simultaneously?

mDurance is a 4-channel device, meaning you can evaluate 4 muscles at the same time.

Can I only measure superficial muscles?
Can I also measure pelvic floor muscles?
What professionals is mDurance surface electromyography intended for?
Can I measure range of motion?
Do I need prior knowledge of electromyography?
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Will I receive training when I purchase the equipment?
Can I use the equipment with two patients simultaneously?
Does it require technical installation?
How long does it take to perform an electromyography assessment?
Will I have support for problem resolution?
After post-sales training, can I continue learning?
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