Get detailed reports to identify which muscles and movements need to be reeducated

Guide your patients to muscular normality, reducing the risk of injuries and long-term complications

Specific Benefits

of the Muscle Analytics service

Documentation and objective tracking The analytics data can be easily documented and tracked over time
Adapt the treatment This analysis will transform your treatment plan into a personalized masterpiece
More knowledge, better understanding The visualization of objective data empowers patients and increases their engagement
Enhance communication Facilitate data sharing with other professionals on your team and with your patients.

What is muscle analysis?

analítica muscular

Muscle analytics is the process of evaluating and analyzing muscle function and activity, providing detailed data on their contractile ability, tone, and symmetry.

Muscle analysis helps identify muscle imbalances, weaknesses, and other irregularities that may affect mobility, posture, and overall health.

This functionality can be used in the following cases:

  • Identifying muscle imbalances, excessive tensions, weaknesses, and other abnormalities that may be contributing to mobility, strength, and/or pain issues.
  • Designing specific interventions based on the obtained data, improving the effectiveness of the treatment. Assessing the effectiveness of treatments over time, adjusting interventions as needed to optimize results.
  • Using visualizations and concrete data to educate patients about their muscle conditions and how treatments are improving their health.
  • Analyzing muscle activation to enhance technique and efficiency in athletes, optimizing sports performance.
Muscular Analytics

How to do it with mDurance

Identify in real-time which muscles are not within the expected normal values by observing muscle analytics.

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