Measure muscle activity and make better clinical decisions

The Electromyograph for Real-Time Assessment, Treatment, and Communication

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Benefits of working with electromyography

With mDurance, improvements in three key areas

Neuromuscular Assessment

Measure Neuromuscular Alterations to Choose the Best Treatment, Reduce Recovery Time, and Boost Your Patients' Confidence.

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Select the most effective exercises to increase your patients' strength and mobility based on activation patterns. Combine this with biofeedback to target specific muscles.

Communication with the Patient

Build your patients' trust in your treatments by showing them objective data, involve them in their recovery, and increase therapy adherence.

How mDurance works

in 1 minute

mDurance guides you throughout the assessment process of your clients, saving you time during their treatments.

Electromyography Sensor

A 30-gram electromyograph that measures up to 4 muscles. It connects via Bluetooth and integrates a 3D inertial sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer).

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App mDurance

Record muscle activity in real-time from your tablet or smartphone using the mobile app.

Muscle Activity and Video Synchronized

Create videos with your clients' muscle activity to remember all the details. Share them with your patients using the sharing function.

Biofeedback Bars

Increase the activity of underactive muscles or decrease overactive muscle activity. You and your patients can control muscle activity

Electrode Placement Guide

Measure any muscle using the electrode placement guide with precise and scientifically validated instructions.

Cloud Platform

The platform provides detailed session reports to help you draw clinical conclusions.

Muscle Analytics

Identify muscles with deficits or excess activation, asymmetry, or tone abnormalities.

Muscle Intensity Levels

Monitor the intensity levels your clients' muscles reach during sessions.

Session Overview Report

Download the final report at the end of the session to attach to the patient's record and share.


Pelvic floor, training, neurology

Pelvic floor



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What they say about us

The largest community of professionals in neuromuscular assessment and reeducation.

Carlos del Barrio Physiotherapist for Atlético de Madrid

I always say that you can't improve what you can't measure. This tool makes it easy to bring something as complex as electromyography into daily clinical practice.

Romualdo Castillo Professor at the University of Osuna

mDurance allows you to truly understand the recovery process of your patients. It is a fundamental and almost obligatory tool for any physiotherapy clinic.

Maximme Gaspar Ftp. Claire Fontaine Medical Center

We have been using mDurance at the FIFA Medical Center in Claire-Fontaine for some time now, and I have to say that it has truly changed the way we approach players.

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Over 30 universities already trust mDurance for their research and developments. Download the mDurance Validation:

Validation of mDurance, A Wearable Surface Electromyography System for Muscle Activity Assessment.